What is Unimus

Disaster recovery

Automatic, continuous configuration backups with notifications for any failures. Ensure faster failure recovery by simply recovering the devices configuration from a backup.

Improve service quality by deploying from a backup instead configuring device from scratch (which opens your network to configuration errors).

Configuration management

Easily review changes to the configuration of your devices by generating a configuration diff between any backup points, or perform audits on config changes over time.

Gain visibility into the configuration of your network by search the entire networks configuration easily to know what is configured how and where.

User friendliness

Unimus is easy and fast to use, you can go from nothing to backing-up a network of 1000 devices in 20 minutes.

We designed Unimus from the ground up with user friendliness, workflow optimization and ease-of-use in mind - we aim to make everything you do in Unimus as easy as possible.