Configuration backup and management

Unimus is a multi-vendor networking equipment configuration backup and management solution; designed from the ground up with user friendliness, and ease-of-use in mind.

We aim to provide the best solution for configuration backup, change-set generation and change management for your network.

Unimus is

Vendor agnostic

Unimus supports backup of devices from all major networking vendors. See the full list of supported devices on our forums.

Fast to setup

Deploying Unimus to manage your entire network requires only minutes, allowing for rapid deployment without headaches.

Easy to use

Unimus was designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, with no need to spend hours reading pages of documentation.


You can deploy Unimus on Windows, Linux or Unix. We support x86, x64 and ARM; you can deploy on any hardware you choose.

Web based

A web GUI makes it fast and comfortable to work with Unimus. No need to learn a CLI or deal with configuration files.


Unimus is developed using modern technology and conforms to modern application architecture and security principles.