Unimus welcomes network diversity, and supports backup of devices from all major networking vendors. It is internally designed to allow rapid addition of support for new vendors and new devices, so they can be supported as early after they enter the market as possible.

Intelligent discovery and backup

Unimus automatically discovers which of your credentials to use for which of your devices. Vendor and model of the device is also automatically discovered, so an appropriate backup driver is automatically used.

Configuration differentials

Generating configuration diffs between various backup points takes just a few clicks. Diffs are presented in an easy to read graphical form, which allows to quickly review changes of the device's configuration.

Deployed in minutes

Deploying Unimus to manage your entire network requires only minutes, there is no need to spend hours reading pages of documentation. The deployment and configuration process was designed to be user-friendly and fast, with contextual help available at all steps.

User-centric design

Unimus was designed for absolute user friendliness. The UI is designed to help you accomplish tasks as fast as possible, and all common actions only require a few clicks. When something fails and you need your backups, a hard-to-deal-with backup system is the last thing you want.

Notifications on failures

Once set up, Unimus can run without user intervention until its services are needed to create change differentials, or retrieve backups. If anything is wrong Unimus will notify you, so if your attention is required, you will be alerted.